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Elsterglanz polishing paste from Ahrenshof

Elsterglanz - The quality product from Germany has a constantly growing fan community. The polishing paste Elsterglanz cleans, maintains and preserves metallic surfaces.

Spring into spring with karipol car care products

The karipol car care products allow a thorough cleaning and care of the vehicle. This prevents damage and maintains the car's value.

karipol Caravaning - cleaning and maintaining caravan and mobile homes

Caravanning, traveling in a mobile home, is all the rage. More and more people are becoming enthusiastic followers.

Elsterglanz chrome

Most people like the metallic reflective glow of chrome parts. It exudes something special, noble.

Universal polishing paste Elsterglanz

Where can you actually buy Elsterglanz Ahrenshof products?

Elsterglanz in the kitchen

The kitchen is at many the focal point in the apartment.

Polishing paste Elsterglanz - A quality product from Germany

Die herausragende Reinigungswirkung und der Glanz sind legendär. Auch unter Zweiradfahrern erfreut sich die Universalpolierpaste größter Popularität.

Universal Polishing Paste Elsterglanz from Ahrenshof

The universal polishing paste has a long history. The polishing paste is manufactured by Ahrenshof GmbH in Saxony and was able to establish itself successfully in the German market.

Elsterglanz plastic power cleaner

The garden furniture will be set up with the first sun lobe in spring. They then stand outdoors all summer and long into autumn. Their garden furniture is thus exposed to the sun, the wind and rain.

Spring cleaning with Elsterglanz

The days are getting longer again. Now it is time to make all the preparations for spring cleaning with Elsterglanz from Ahrenshof. Elsterglanz's products are ideal for successfully implementing your project.

Universal polishing paste Elsterglanz by Ahreshof on the story

All products in the Elsterglanz series are close with Fritz Schulz Jr. AG in Leipzig. At the main gate of the former globe works still stands the legendary Atlas figure.

A very special test report on Elsterglanz

We have found a very special test report on our products on the Internet. The test report is no longer brand new, but it is still highly topical. Especially as far as the benefits of our products are concerned. Thank you very much for that.

Polier Paste Elsterglanz Copper Brass Bronze

The original paste Elsterglanz is made in Ahrenshof (Saxony) and reliably cleans, polishes and conserves areas of copper, brass and bronze.

Polishing paste Elsterglanz from Ahrenshof from Saxony

The legendary polishing paste Elsterglanz from Ahrenshof in Saxony is used in various areas, such as in the home or in the workshop.