Elsterglanz Chrome Care


Elsterglanz chrome care cleans, polishes and preserves reliable chrome surfaces. Elsterglanz chrome care is acid-free, does not etch and is absolutely not abrasive because of the use of natural raw materials. The special ingredients have a cleansing effect, and particularly fat-dissolving and leave a protective film that prevents a restart and soiled long.

Elsterglanz chrome care is especially suitable for the care of hard chrome-plated car and motorcycle parts.

In the case of light soiling, apply some chrome care to a dry soft cloth, clean the surface with it and rub it clean. Apply dry is very dirty chrome care, leave for about 15 minutes and then buff with a dry soft cloth.

Apply the magnesian luster to the workpiece, rub and then polish with a drill and polishing attachment.
The result looks almost like a professional polish.


    German manufacturer
Cleans, polishes, preserves
Non-corrosive and thus material-protective
Protects against tarnishing and re-contamination

Technical specifications:

    Packing unit: Tube
Quantity: Giant tube approx. 150 ml
Use: chrome surfaces (especially for hard chrome-plated car and motorcycle parts)
Ingredients:> 5% nonionic surfactants; <2% orangenterpenes