Universal polishing paste Elsterglanz by Ahreshof on the story


The products of the Elsterglanz series are historically named Fritz Schulz Jr. AG in Leipzig. The most important details were published on Wikipedia under Fritz Schulz Jr. AG. Even today, the modern universal polishing paste Elsterglanz bears the original name and is regularly used by avid users to clean, maintain and preserve metallic surfaces. But above all, to reflect the old splendour of these items.

After nationalisation and renaming to the chemical and technical plant VEB Globe's Leipzig plants, production was carried out with car care products and car fuels such as brake fluid, shock absorber oil of the brand Karipol as well as various detergents such as Klarofix And the universal polishing paste Elsterglanz continued.

On Wikipedia, Elsterglanz is listed as a GDR product in the list of brand names and products in the GDR.

Today, the universal polishing paste Elsterglanz as well as other products such as chromium care, stone care, glass ceramic stovetrain cleaner, silver polishing paste, copper brass bronze in Zwochau is produced by Ahrenshof GmbH in a modern production line and are In demand throughout Germany.

The old buildings on the factory site have been unused and dilapidated since the factory was closed in 1995. The main building of the Globus Works has been renovated and offices and apartments have been built. The atlas figure at the former main portal has been preserved.

The universal polishing paste Elsterglanz is now produced in Ahrenshof in Saxony

The modern universal polishing paste Elsterglanz is now being manufactured in the new production halls of Ahrenshof GmbH in Arenshof. The universal polishing paste has outstanding properties in the care and preservation of metallic surfaces and is distributed nationwide.

Thanks in particular to decades of experience in development and production, our customers have access to quality products with excellent properties with the universal polishing paste Elsterglanz and the other products. We are constantly working on optimizing our products and are guided by a high standard of quality.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and the history of Elsterglanz. For orders, please contact us at Shop & Sales.

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