Elsterglanz polishing paste from Ahrenshof

Elsterglanz Universal-Polierpaste von Ahrenshof.

The Elsterglanz polishing paste and the other products in the series are a proven quality product from Germany. The Elsterglanz series is distributed throughout Germany and various countries in Europe. The Elsterglanz universal polishing paste can be used especially for cleaning, polishing and preserving metal surfaces made of copper, brass and bronze. Elsterglanz polishing paste is gentle on materials, non-caustic and acid-free. After application, the special ingredients also have a water-repellent and preserving effect. The surfaces treated with the polishing paste receive a long-lasting protective film and are thus protected against repeated tarnishing and soiling.

The Elsterglanz series is produced in Saxony near Leipzig by Ahrenshof GmbH on modern production lines and includes the other products Chrome Care, Stone Care, Glass Ceramic Hob Cleaner, Silver Polishing Paste, Copper Brass Bronze.

Fritz Schulz jun. AG (Globus-Werke) in Leipzig produced various cleaning and polishing agents for the cleaning, care and preservation of metallic surfaces under the name Globus or Globo from 1920 onwards. Production was continued after nationalisation in 1949. The word mark Elsterglanz was protected as early as 1954. At the end of the 1950s, the production and distribution of the cleaning and polishing agent Elsterglanz began.

The market research institute GfK found out that the brand Elsterglanz has a degree of awareness of 80 percent in the new federal states. The modern polishing paste is still produced and sold today under the name Elsterglanz.

The Elsterglanz polishing paste cleans, polishes and preserves in the long term

The polishing paste is ideal for cleaning, maintaining and preserving metallic surfaces. The product preserves the shine of metallic objects. The universal polishing paste copper-brass-bronze is very suitable for household objects. These include jewellery, metal instruments, bare kettles and pots in the kitchen area, stainless steel sinks, cookers with ceramic hobs. To clean, polish and preserve chrome-plated parts on cars, motorbikes, bicycles and other vehicles, polishing paste is a very good choice. Cleaning and maintenance with Elsterglanz can be repeated as needed.

Simple application of Elsterglanz

Recommended for use on light soiling: The polishing paste is applied evenly to the surfaces to be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth. The surface is washed thoroughly and then rubbed with a dry cloth.

Recommendation for use with heavy soiling: If the surfaces are heavily soiled, the polishing paste is applied dry. Allow the polishing paste to work in for 10 minutes and then rub off with a soft cloth. If the surfaces are very dirty, e.g. in the oven or on cooker tops, then the use of fine cleaning wool is also recommended.

Warning: It is essential to follow the instructions on the respective packaging before use. This will also ensure the best results.

Please direct your questions about the product, the application or the purchase of the polishing paste Elsterglanz for copper, brass and bronze and other products from Ahrenshof to the Ahrenshof sales department.

Elsterglanz Products

Chrome care

Chrome care is intended for the perfect cleaning, polishing and preservation of chrome surfaces. The special chrome care is acid-free and non-caustic. The product contains natural raw materials that are gentle on the material. The special ingredients polishing paste have a cleaning and grease-dissolving effect. This creates a protective film on the surface as soon as it is applied, which prevents repeated tarnishing and soiling. Chrome care is intended for the cleaning and care of hard-chrome plated car and motorbike parts.

Universal polishing paste

The universal polishing paste from Ahrenshof cleans, polishes and preserves all metals in the household. These are mainly items made of copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, silver, gold. Outstanding results are achieved especially with stainless steel. The polishing paste is acid-free, does not etch and is gentle on the material. The product is skin-neutral and does not cause irritation on contact with the skin.

Glass ceramic hob cleaner

The glass-ceramic hob cleaner is especially designed for stainless steel sinks and sinks. The special cleaner removes limescale stains, grease stains and water spots very easily.

Stone care

Stone Care maintains the shiny appearance of polished natural and artificial stones, including marble, granite and other surfaces, and prevents water stains. Stone Care provides very good results on polished marble surfaces due to its mild effect. The preservative cleaning of stone work surfaces and stone sinks is particularly beneficial in the kitchen area.

Silver polishing paste

Ahrenshof's Silver Polishing Paste is used for cleaning crockery, jewellery, cutlery, goblets, medals, ornamental bowls, lamps, jugs and much more in the household. The silver polishing paste is acid-free, non-caustic and gentle on the material. The silver polishing paste is water-repellent, preserves and provides long-lasting protection against tarnishing and resoiling.

Copper Brass Bronze

The polishing paste Copper Brass Bronze cleans, polishes and preserves surfaces made of copper, brass and bronze particularly well. The polishing paste has no corrosive effect, is acid-free and absolutely gentle on the material. The special ingredients have a water-repellent and preservative effect and give the surfaces long-lasting protection against tarnishing and resoiling. The polishing paste copper, brass and bronze is excellently suited for the care of objects in the household, jewellery and similar materials.

Where can I buy the products of the Elsterglanz series?

This question about the popular products is often asked. The Elsterglanz series includes

  • Universal polishing paste
  • Chrome care
  • Glass ceramic hob cleaner
  • Plastic power cleaner
  • Stone care

Ahrenshof products are sold by discounters and in drugstores throughout Germany. Ahrenshof's other products are available in retail stores and around the clock on the Internet. The internet in particular is an important place to buy Elsterglanz products.

Many retailers offer the polishing paste directly via Amazon and also eBay. The large online marketplaces Amazon and eBay occupy a special position.

The search engines Google, Bing and others are very helpful when searching for Ahrenshof products on the Internet. Most users are very familiar with them. The relevant search term, such as Elsterglanz polishing paste, is entered in the search window. The search results are displayed immediately.

Video portals such as YouTube are also interesting. YouTube was founded in 2005 and has belonged to Google as market leader since 2006. Users have the opportunity here and can select and watch videos on various topics free of charge.

Price search engines support users with direct links to the cheapest suppliers of Elsterglanz products such as universal polishing paste, chrome care, glass ceramic hob cleaner, plastic power cleaner and stone care.

Test reports Elsterglanz Universal Polishing Paste

On various websites on the Internet, there are numerous test reports on the product Elsterglanz. The fan community of the modern product Elsterglanz, the classic from the GDR, is growing steadily throughout Germany.

Many came into contact with the universal polishing paste at an early age through parents, grandparents or relatives and their enthusiasm, and today still use the modern product Elsterglanz in the household.

Many followers have only now discovered Elsterglanz for themselves and enthusiastically use the products in the household, in the workshop or in the garden. The modern products, such as the plastic power cleaner, are particularly suitable for making plastic garden furniture that has become unsightly look fresh again in the garden or on the terrace. The application of the plastic power cleaner is simple and the product does an amazing job.

The cleaning and care products from Ahrenshof GmbH are designed for a wide range of applications. It is essential to follow the instructions for use before application. Correct application will prevent damage.

Please direct your questions about Elsterglanz and its application to the sales department of Ahrenshof GmbH. We will process your enquiries and respond to you promptly.

Historical facts about Elsterglanz

From 1920 onwards, Fritz Schulz jun. AG (Globus-Werke) marketed several cleaning and polishing agents for the cleaning, care and preservation of metallic surfaces under the epithet Globus or Globo in Leipzig.

With the nationalisation in 1949, Fritz Schulz jun. AG became VEB Globus Werk. Production and sales under the name Globo continued until 1959. The word mark Elsterglanz was already protected in 1954. From 1959, the production and distribution of a cleaning and polishing agent under the name Elsterglanz was taken up by the VEB Globus-Werke Leipzig and extended to other VEBs in the GDR.

After nationalisation into the chemical-technical company VEB Globus-Werke Leipzig, production continued with car care products and car operating materials such as brake fluid, shock absorber oil of the Karipol brand and various cleaning agents such as Klarofix and the universal polishing paste.
The rights to the word mark Elsterglanz and later also Karipol were transferred to Ahrenshof GmbH.

In 2005, the market research company GfK found out through surveys that the level of awareness of the Elsterglanz brand in the new German states was almost 80 percent.
Today, the series including polishing paste, chrome care, stone care, glass ceramic hob cleaner, silver polishing paste, copper-brass bronze and other products such as Karipol and Klarofix are produced in Zwochau by Ahrenshof GmbH on modern production lines. The German quality product is distributed throughout Germany and countries in Europe.

The old buildings on the former factory site had been left to decay since the closure in 1995. The main Globus factory building has been renovated. Offices and flats have been created from it. The legendary Atlas figure on the former main portal has been preserved.

On Wikipedia, Elsterglanz is listed as a GDR product in the list of brand names and products in the GDR. The universal polishing paste Elsterglanz is manufactured in Saxony.

Today, the modern universal polishing paste is manufactured in the new production halls of Ahrenshof GmbH in Zwochau near Leipzig. The universal polishing paste has outstanding properties for the care and conservation of metallic surfaces and is distributed throughout Germany.

Thanks to decades of experience in the development and production of Elsterglanz universal polishing paste and other products, we are able to offer our customers quality products with outstanding properties. The continuous optimisation of our products is very important to us. In doing so, we are guided by a high quality standard.

Our application instructions for Elsterglanz Universal Polishing Paste.

Light soiling: The universal polishing paste is applied to a damp sponge. The surface to be cleaned is washed off with it. The surface is then rubbed dry with a dry cloth.

Heavy soiling: For heavy soiling, apply Elsterglanz polishing paste dry. Allow the paste to soak in for about 10 minutes. Rub the surface with a soft cloth. Fine cleaning wool is recommended for ovens, pans and cooker tops.

Warnings:  Before use, please read the warnings on the packaging. You should take your time, as this will prevent damage and give you the best cleaning and care results.

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at Contact Ahrenshof.