About us - Polishing Paste Elsterglanz

Ahrenshof GmbH, based in Zwochau near Leipzig in Saxony, is whole with the Elsterglanz brand and the products chromium care, stone care, glass ceramic stovetop cleaner, silver polishing paste, copper brass bronze and, above all, Universal Polishing Paste Elsterglanz. Germany known. The Elsterglanz polishing paste is a German quality product.

Polishing Paste Elsterglanz has a Long History

The products of the Elsterglanz series are close with the company Fritz Schulz Jr. AG in Leipzig. Details of this can be found on Wikipedia under Fritz Schulz Jr. AG compiled. Even today, the modern Universal Polishing Paste Elsterglanz bears the original name Elsterglanz and is known as a German brand product in Germany. The Polishing Paste Elsterglanz is excellent for cleaning, maintaining and preserving metallic surfaces. But above all, to reflect the old splendour of these items. Enthusiastic followers all over Germany regularly use our quality products.

Product series Polishing Paste Elsterglanz

The Elsterglanz series includes the Universal Polierpaste Elsterglanz and other products such as chrome care, stone care, glass ceramic stovetrain cleaner, silver polishing paste, copper brass bronze.

Ahrenshof GmbH produces the Elsterglanz series and other products in a modern production line at the Zwochau site near Leipzig in Saxony.

Sales and sale of Polishing Paste Elsterglanz

Our products from the Elsterglanz series and other series can be purchased online via eBay, Amazon and various online shops.

With a search via Google and Co., you will find it here very quickly. Simply enter "Elsterglanz Polier Paste" or "Elsterglanz Universal Police Paste" into the search window as a search term.

You'll be surprised how huge the current offer is with the various providers.

Online ordering is straightforward. When you order, you select the products or the desired products and specify the quantities. After the payment process, the ordered goods will be delivered to your address at short notice.

But various discounters and drugstore markets also carry the products of the series Elsterglanz.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or other topics. Just call us or email us at vertrieb@ahrenshof.de. Contact you can also reach us directly.