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The karipol car care agent guide provides information on the basic cleaning steps against winter dirt and other dirt. Well cleaned and cared for, spring can come. Many car owners worry about the marks and damage that the weather and dirt can leave on the vehicle. All drivers who want to enjoy their vehicle for a long time cannot avoid cleaning and caring for their car regularly. With karipol car care products, cleaning and caring for the car is easy. You will be amazed by the results. Karipol car care products not only improve the appearance, but also ensure more safety. The most important cleaning steps car cleaning and car care are summarized in the car care product guide below.

karipol car care products for thorough vehicle cleaning

Especially in autumn and winter, dirt and road salt residues are a problem for the vehicle. A bad mixture quickly settled in hard-to-reach positions such as the underbody or wheel arches.

This can usually only be removed with a high pressure cleaner. This dirt must definitely be removed before the actual car wash. However, caution is advised when handling the powerful jet of the cleaner so that the tires cannot be damaged.

The engine wash should always be left to a specialist. He has the necessary experience and knows exactly how to gently deal with the dirt on or next to the water-sensitive electrical contacts. ...

karipol car care products - clean the windows thoroughly

In the cold season, the windows get dirty very quickly. On the outside from the splashes of road dirt, on the inside from the frequent use of heating and hot air blowers.

A glass cleaner removes the dirt. Spray generously and rub dry with a clean cloth. In this way the clear view is restored. Mirrors, headlights and indicators are part of the cleaning program. ...

Clean the rims with karipol rim cleaner

Another important point are the wheels, which quickly lead to a mixture of abrasion from the brake pads, road dirt and road salt. The application of the karipol rim cleaner before driving into the car wash is very helpful.

After the car wash, the rims shine again. The karipol rim cleaner preserves and protects the rims. In addition, the tires and rubber parts can be sealed with karipol tire black. In this way, the tires remain protected from weathering. The UV resistance of the tires and rubber parts on the vehicle is additionally increased by karipol tires black.

The karipol tire black also has a water-repellent effect. Spraying karipol tire black also refreshes the colors and protects the tires from becoming brittle. ...

karipol car care products - Auto Soft Shampoo for thorough car washing

Once the preparatory work has been completed, it goes to the car wash. If you value thorough pre-cleaning, you can lather the vehicle karipol Auto Soft Shampoo with a deep shine and dirt remover. The Auto Soft Shampoo from karipol removes dirt from the vehicle effortlessly and efficiently.

The karipol Auto Soft Shampoo is ideal for all paint and plastic surfaces. In addition, the paintwork of the vehicle is refreshed thanks to the depth effect. Depending on the technical equipment of the washing system, the coarsest dirt and grime is removed with brushes, textile fabrics or foam strips.

The water residues must then be removed. The remaining dirt in the rain drains, door frames and cutouts is still removed manually with cleaning agent, water and a sponge. ...

Freshen up the paintwork with karipol car care product gloss wax

After this detailed procedure you can see whether there are still scratches such as B. found after falling rocks. Rust spots are prevented if these spots are touched up with a touch-up pen.

An older paintwork can be refreshed with karipol gloss wax. The car care product karipol gloss wax is to be used for the protection and care of heavily used colored and metallic paintwork. karipol gloss wax protects against year-round weather conditions.

Karipol gloss wax is ideal for older and particularly stressed paints, including metallic surfaces. The gloss wax also ensures a long-lasting protective coat.

The surfaces of the vehicle are cleaned, polished and sealed with karipol gloss wax. After this application, the vehicle shines in an impeccable shine. It is important to note the division into several work areas. Working in the blazing sun should also be avoided here. ...

karipol car care products - clean and maintain chrome parts and rubbers

The seals on doors and trunk are particularly stressed, especially in the cold seasons. If the material becomes brittle, it can mean that the terminations are no longer tight. In the summer, when it is very hot, it can cause the doors to stick.

The door rubber and seals are kept supple with a special care product. The chrome strips on the vehicle are made to shine again with Elsterglanz chrome care. Elsterglanz chrome care also protects against dirt and rust. It is important to ensure that Elsterglanz Chrompflege does not get onto the paintwork. ...

karipol car care products - ensure a clear view

The car windows need to be kept clean for an addiction free. The wiper blades must also be fully functional. Damage to the narrow rubber lips can occur in particular through the effects of the weather, particularly through ice and snow or freezing in frost.

Even the tiniest cracks deteriorate visibility when driving when it rains. The windshield wipers must therefore be replaced in good time. Make sure there is enough water in the tank. Add antifreeze in winter. In the spring, special cleaning additives that make it easier to remove the insects are appropriate. ...

karipol car care products - Thoroughly clean the vehicle interior

The interior of the vehicle must be cleaned well and rubbish and dirt removed.

In spring you can do without snow chains, shovel and sand pail in the trunk. Winter equipment unnecessarily increases the weight of the vehicle. The ski rack is dismantled, as this also leads to an undesirable increase in fuel consumption.

Also check the recess of the spare wheel and thoroughly remove dirt and moisture. This is a good prerequisite and protects against rust and musty smells.

The vacuum cleaner is used in the interior of the vehicle. If the floor mats are very dirty, a high-pressure cleaner can help.

The karipol vehicle interior cleaner is a special car care product for cleaning the interior of the car and various surfaces made of fabric, plastic, rubber, aluminum, plexiglass, leather, alcantara, velor, wood and many others. ...

Clean and maintain seats with karipol vehicle upholstery / carpet stain remover

The karipol vehicle upholstery / carpet stain remover removes stains from the upholstery. The foam is only sprayed on the surface. It is important to ensure that the cushions do not get soaked. After the appropriate exposure time, the dirt can be easily brushed off or vacuumed.

In the case of stubborn dirt, it may be repeated. The karipol vehicle upholstery / carpet stain remover also ensures a pleasant scent in the vehicle.

For leather seats, on the other hand, the karipol vehicle interior cleaner is used. This is a special car care product for cleaning the vehicle interior and various surfaces made of fabric, plastic, rubber, aluminum, Plexiglas, leather, Alcantara, velor, wood and many others. ...

The cockpit is cleaned and maintained with karipol cockpit spray

The dashboard is also cleaned and cared for regularly, otherwise the color of the components will fade. Karipol Cockpit Spray is designed for this. This is how shiny or matt surfaces are cleaned and cared for. This creates cleanliness, refreshes the colors and keeps the plastic pliable. The antistatic effect of karipol Cockpit Spray prevents the cockpit from quickly attracting new dust.

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