Elsterglanz Universal polishing paste


Elsterglanz cleans, polishes, and preserves all utility metals such as copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, silver, gold and unsurpassed stainless steel.

Elsterglanz is acid-free, does not etch, is therefore absolutely material-friendly and skin-friendly. Special ingredients are water repellent and preservative, providing long-lasting protection against tarnishing and re-contamination.

Elsterglanz is suitable for the cleaning of stainless steel sinks, glass-cookers, stove tops, for bare boilers and pots, autochrome, musical instruments made of metal.

In the case of light soiling, add some magpie to a wet sponge, wash the surface with it and then dry. In the case of strong soiling, apply the bristle coating dry, leave it to work for approx. 10 minutes and then rub it off. For metals with soft dust cloth, oven, pans, cookers and gas burners use some fine cleaning wool.