Elsterglanz in the kitchen

Elsterglanz- A quality product from Germany

The kitchen is at many the focal point in the apartment. It is often cooked together and eaten and spent a lot of time. It is therefore all the more important to thoroughly clean and maintain the kitchen regularly. Food is stored and processed in the kitchen. Therefore, it goes without saying that the kitchen should be clean and hygienically clean. Here you support the quality products of Elsterglanz from Germany.

By cooking, baking and eating it comes to deposits of fat, leftovers and dirt. These are splashes on the tiles, dirty cooking surfaces, calcified fittings and other. These contaminants must also be regularly removed for hygienic reasons.

With our following suggestions and tips you bring your kitchen to a high gloss. Germany.

Hobs clean with the glass ceramic hob cleaner

The hobs are often very dirty due to overcooking, burning when cooking or roasting. That can not always be avoided. If possible, remove the traces of your culinary art after cooking. A very good help is the glass ceramic hob cleaner.

With the original Elsterglanz® glass ceramic hob cleaner, these soiling can be easily and effortlessly removed with grease, limescale and water stains. Apply the Elsterglanz glass ceramic hob cleaner to the cooled cooking surfaces. Use a cloth to remove the impurities. Then dry the cooking surface and polish the surface to a high gloss. The result will convince you.

Glass ceramic hob cleaner also for a hygienic stainless steel sink

You do not want to know, but the stainless steel sink in your kitchen has more germs than the toilet bowl. With this knowledge and the right cleaner, it is easy to clean the stainless steel sink daily with the glass ceramic hob cleaner.

The glass ceramic hob cleaner is applied to the surface of the stainless steel sink. Remove the impurities with a cloth. The surface is then polished to a high gloss. Of course, the drain should not be neglected. Food waste and other things are collected here. Against unpleasant odors from the drain already help a few drops of vinegar in the drain.

The glass ceramic hob cleaner is suitable for all stainless steel surfaces

Also all other stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen, such as the hood, toaster and others. are also cleaned with the glass ceramic hob cleaner and brought to a high gloss. The grease and dust settle on all surfaces in the kitchen. These grease and dust layers are only removed by regular cleaning. On the cupboards you can protect yourself from the sticky dirt by simply laying out these surfaces with newspaper and changing them from time to time.

Elsterglanz Universal polishing paste in the kitchen and household

The Elsterglanz Universal Polishing Paste also performs well in the kitchen. It cleans, polishes and preserves all useful metals such as copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, silver and gold. The universal polishing paste is also unsurpassable in stainless steel in the kitchen and in the household.
The universal polishing paste is quality product from Germany. Is acid-free, does not etch and therefore absolutely gentle on the material and kind to the skin. The special ingredients used have a water-repellent and preservative effect and provide long-lasting protection against tarnishing and reprecipitation. Elsterglanz Universal polishing paste is also suitable for the perpetual cleaning of stainless steel sinks, glass hobs hobs, for bare kettles and pots in the kitchen. Apply the Universal Polishing Paste to a wet sponge for light soiling. The surface to be cleaned is washed off with it and then dried. If the parts or surfaces to be cleaned are more heavily soiled, then please apply the Universal Polishing Paste dry and allow to act for about 10 minutes. Then rub off the parts. To help with metals use a soft duster, for ovens, pans, hotplates and gas burners use some fine cotton wool..

Elsterglanz® stone care for stone work surfaces and stone sinks

With the Elsterglanz® stone care all polished natural and artificial stones such as marble, granite and other stone surfaces in the household and in the kitchen are brought to a shiny appearance. It is thus prevented water marks.

The Elsterglanz stone care is ideal for polished marble surfaces due to the particularly mild effect. Of particular note is the preservative cleaning of stone work surfaces and stone sinks in the kitchen area.

The surfaces are treated after thorough cleaning with Elsterglanz stone care. The stone care of magpie luster is applied to the clean surfaces with a dry soft cloth. After the applied film has dried, the surface is polished with a soft cloth. Elsterglanz is a quality product from Germany.

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