Elsterglanz Polishing paste

ElsterglanzChrome CareEAN: 4029957007289

The legendary Elsterglanz cleans, polishes and preserves reliably chrome surfaces.

ElsterglanzUniversal polishing pasteEAN: 4029957007012

Elsterglanz cleans, polishes, and preserves all utility metals such as copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, silver, gold and unsurpassed stainless steel.

ElsterglanzGlass-Ceramic Cooktop CleanerEAN: 4029957007272

Easily cleans glass ceramics and cooking surfaces but also stainless steel rinses or the underside of your iron.

ElsterglanzStone-CareEAN: 4029957080114

Elsterglanz Stone-Care gives all polished natural and artificial stones such as marble, granite and other stone surfaces in the household a shiny appearance.

ElsterglanzSilver polishing pasteEAN: 4029957101475

Elsterglanz Silver polishing paste is suitable for cleaning dishes, jewelery, cutlery parts, trophies, medals, ornamental bowls, chandeliers, silver jugs.

ElsterglanzCopper-brass-bronzeEAN: 4029957000907

Original Elsterglanz cleans, polishes and preserves reliably surfaces made of copper, brass and bronze.