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Elsterglanz plastic power cleaner

The garden furniture will be set up with the first sun lobe in spring. They then stand outdoors all summer and long into autumn. Their garden furniture is thus exposed to the sun, the wind and rain.

Spring cleaning with Elsterglanz

The days are getting longer again. Now it is time to make all the preparations for spring cleaning with Elsterglanz from Ahrenshof. Elsterglanz's products are ideal for successfully implementing your project.

Universal polishing paste Elsterglanz by Ahreshof on the story

All products in the Elsterglanz series are close with Fritz Schulz Jr. AG in Leipzig. At the main gate of the former globe works still stands the legendary Atlas figure.

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Original Elsterglanz cleans, polishes and preserves reliably surfaces made of copper, brass and bronze.

We bought the paste for an old brass bell. The part now looks like new, it almost fades in the light. The paste is great in application and the polishing went as if by itself!"

"Elsterglanz better is hardly
A good development. Cleans the starting brass, copper is easy to clean and easy to polish..."

ElsterglanzUniversal polishing paste

Elsterglanz cleans, polishes, and preserves all utility metals such as copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, silver, gold and unsurpassed stainless steel.

"Great! Again any time!
The paste is really great. I use it with stainless steel parts! Contamination can be polished very quickly! I would like to make a purchase recommendation! "

"Belongs to every household
Quality does not have to be expensive. Elsterglanz I can recommend for stainless steel surfaces for example ... "

ElsterglanzSilver polishing paste

Elsterglanz Silver polishing paste is suitable for cleaning dishes, jewelery, cutlery parts, trophies, medals, ornamental bowls, chandeliers, silver jugs.

„...Great polishing results
Can thus be achieved. The handling is very simple and does not require much effort. Price and performance. Everything good and right.

We know the product forever. So we looked for it at Amazon and luckily found it. Delivery fast...“

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About Ahrenshof

Ahrenshof GmbH, based in Zwochau near Leipzig in Saxony, is whole with the Elsterglanz brand and the products chromium care, stone care, glass ceramic stovetop cleaner, silver polishing paste, copper brass bronze and, above all, Universal Polishing Paste Elsterglanz. Germany known.

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